At Taylor Counseling Group we strive to provide you with the highest quality of professional care. 



From children to adults we believe in individualized care at an affordable rate for all age groups. Each member of our professionally trained treatment team is uniquely qualified to meet you where you are.


Couples therapy focuses on rebuilding the foundations of a healthy relationship by developing strong communication skills while enhancing the intimacy in the relationship. Our counselors are well qualified in a wide array of techniques. 


The family unit is the foundation of our society and as such we believe that a strong family system is an integral part of a healthy life. Our counselors are professionally trained to help your family develop in the healthiest way possible.

Affordable Care

Professional counseling can be expensive and to help with the cost we will work with your insurance plan to find the best course of treatment possible. If the counselor you are working with is not in network with your insurance we will work with you to file as an Out of Network Provider (OON). If you do not have insurance and feel as though you cannot afford the help you need we are committed to work with you, on a sliding fee scale, to find an affordable rate. Please contact us for payment details and information regarding our affordable care policy.